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New Furniture Collections From Teal Living Revealed

October 10, 2017

New furniture collection revealed by Teal Living as it collaborates with interior designers Ali and Nick Munro to create the latest in distinctive and contemporary care home furniture.

New Furniture Collections From Teal Living Revealed
The Anumo sofa make for hugging from Teal Living.

The coming together of an outstanding and unique combination of clinical and retail design experience, mixed with Teal’s manufacturing excellence, has produced a new healthcare ready collection from a completely different perspective.

Breaking from traditional design standards the collection takes its name from the designers themselves ANUMO, Ali and Nick Munro.

Consisting of welcoming, tactile, and friendly forms, part of the collection features the ANUMO 2 seater sofa. The distinctive and stylish curved back sofa is designed with a hugging in mind. Designed to reflect the closeness and comfort of how a hug feels it positions bodies closely so it can be enjoyed simultaneously by all generations without compromising on high levels of comfort.

Sara Jane Farrow National Sales Manager at Teal Living says: “We were excited about developing something that would encourage companionship and closeness. Akin to sitting on your sofa at home with the family we wanted the sofa to enable human closeness, whether that means just sitting together, holding hands, snuggling-up or talking. Ali and Nick would say it provides comfort, but not just in the physical sense, in a holistic sense, completely emotionally and physically.”

Designed to meet the needs of the healthcare sector and specifically elderly care the sofa benefits from strict attention to detail concerning posture and comfort. The combination of a high and low back seat accommodates varying needs whilst soft edges aid mobility and grip.

Sara Jane adds: “If we think about how a sofa functions in our own homes they are by default a multi-generational seat. We wanted to achieve the same for the healthcare sector. It meets the functional requirements necessary within a healthcare setting but doesn’t stigmatize being elderly by predetermining or assuming what their style should be.

“Creating a real sense of an individual’s home the sofa is designed to be cosy, supportive, versatile and relaxing whilst being practical for carers and staff to work with.”

From frame to upholstery the sofa is designed with longevity in mind. The super strong frame supports multiple components such as lumbar support and pressure relieving cushions.

Practical for carers and staff the seat depth and seat height enables ease of maneuverability and the overall design avoids hidden crevices or seams making for an easy ‘wipe and go’ cleaning procedure.

Ali Munro, designer says: “We wanted to bring something different to the market. We both share the same vision to supply innovative and intelligent design creating a multi generational seat that promotes meaningful interaction and human contact between residents, their families, friends, and carers.

“After all, the concept of elderly surely has changed – these are people who have lived and worked in modern environments therefore don’t expect to sit in something rooted in the past.”

Teal Living are continuing to innovate and develop ranges that break from traditional design standards. The ANUMO collection will evolve but continue to offer the flexibility of cushion styles and upholstery choices to meet individual needs.