Teal Living

Innovation Comes Naturally at Teal Living

April 1, 2018

Innovation comes naturally at Teal Living where the ability to manufacture and supply comfortable yet luxurious seating is at the cornerstone of our business.

Our new range of residential care home seating, called the Evoke range, illustrates perfectly our passion for furniture and quality.

Innovation Comes Naturally at Teal Living Everything we do at Teal is about comfort, support, suitability and sustainability and all our designs are built around this ethos. A well-designed chair that has been constructed to provide sit-to-stand assistance will enable an individual to choose where they want to sit and when they want to get up. They can do this of their own free will without having to ask for assistance. It’s all about maintaining a person’s independence and dignity.

Our designers are at the coal-face, building, experimenting, tweaking and balancing aesthetics and comfort with mechanical strength and innovation, from smooth curves to dramatic angles all our chairs are a little bit different.



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