Teal Living

Happy Birthday Teal Living

November 1, 2017

It’s our birthday and one year since we launched TealLiving, a new concept presenting care home furniture at its very best, performance, inspiration and aspiration from Teal one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of furniture to the NHS and health care sectors.

TealLiving first birthday
TealLiving first birthday

Throughout the year we have showcased the company’s innovation and creativity in residential care product design. Specifically focussing on breaking from traditional design we are manufacturing innovative furniture that creates contemporary spaces to promote safety, comfort, and independence within residential care environments.

Sara-Jane Farrow, National Sales Manager at Teal Living says: “We are really pleased with how the brand has been received and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our clients old and new for their continued support. We’ve had really good feedback from our customers whilst supporting their visions, which for some has led to recognition at the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards.”

With With a focus on ergonomic design, distinctive styling alongside infection control, postural support, and pressure management, Teal Living are manufacturing product ready for non-clinical interiors all geared towards helping the elderly maintain their independence within a home from home environment.

Teal Living, furniture for people to live in.