Teal Living


March 1, 2018

When Teal Living embarked on the development of a new chair and furniture collection for the residential care home market they started by discussing the very essence of relationships, and how that interaction could be developed in to a piece of furniture. Watch all about it on the BCFA Design Insider website to learn about how we did it.

Friendship drives the latest product from Teal Living

Teal Living collaborated with designers Ali and Nick Munro to develop something distinctive and versatile, essentially something that was missing from the residential care home market, but designed to be cozy whilst practical for carers and staff to work with.

Sara Jane Farrow national business manager at Teal Living, led the process from concept to manufacture, which in her words: isn’t for the faint hearted”.

“Starting with a conversation and working on a notion to arrive at a 3D concept isn’t for the faint hearted. As a result of many meetings and discussions we really got fixed on the theme of a hug and developed a very strong sense of how the product should feel, and how the end user should experience it.

“If you think about physically receiving a hug, it’s all encompassing, it embraces and cocoons you. The design sketches for the chair were very much of this theme, curvaceous and much less traditional. Usually we would develop a product by using CAD modeling, but with the unique design and shape of the chair it was a job for Craig Ferguson, our design and development manager, to get back to more traditional ways of development.”

Craig says: “CAD really wouldn’t do it justice we had to approached it as piece of sculpture and get hands-on with the development adding and removing aspects of the design until the critical dimensions were ready – eventually the ANUMO 2 seater sofa was created.”

From frame to upholstery the sofa is designed with longevity in mind. The super strong frame supports multiple components such as lumbar support and pressure relieving cushions.

Practical for carers and staff the seat depth and seat height enables ease of maneuverability and the overall design avoids hidden crevices or seams making for an easy ‘wipe and go’ cleaning procedure.

Sara Jane says: “Seeing the product come off the production line and come to life was a satisfying feeling. We’ve totally encapsulated the feeling of a hug but developed a robust product absolutely fit for the demands of the care sector, I couldn’t be happier with the results.”