Teal Living

Brand Journey of New Company Teal Living

January 18, 2017

Brand journey of Teal Living


How did this brand new offering from the established British Manufacturer Teal develop its brand and product range to become known for breaking from traditional design standards in the residential care home market?

Sara Jane Farrow discusses: “You can’t forget the huge investment residential care companies make when furnishing their homes, they need to be confident the products will do their job, but also that their supplier can deliver the service they need to support them.

“With this in mind we were keen to improve the product offering and customer experience in the residential care market by wowing customers with great furniture, exceptional choice, outstanding performance and unique designs, not to mention outstanding service.

“Quite uniquely we already had our brand name ‘Teal Living’ which had been developed in-house from our ambition to create residential care home environments that provide comfort and security and piece of mind, not just for the companies who run them but for those living in them, hence the name ‘Teal Living’.

“We were looking for a brand image that would really hit our message home. A brand that would make our customer feel special, promote a feeling of luxury and comfort, and endorse confidence.

“To help us on this journey we hired specialist design and brand agency O’Connell & Squelch Ltd.

“Brand identity, language and tone of voice became the key drivers of this message. The team at O’Connell & Squelch Ltd created an elegant brand identity accompanied by a secondary marque to add a stamp of quality to our marketing literature. The marque is structured using a set of four hearts representing care.

“Fashion inspired typography also plays a key part in achieving the required visual that reflects both design and quality.

“A range of our design-led products were selected and specifically dressed as hero shots for a showcase within the launch literature. A series of creative compositions and simple product shots with a decaying mill backdrop provided us with a library of stunning launch photography.

“There isn’t a brand like Teal Living.

“We come from a group of companies with manufacturing sector pedigree. Owned by the Senator Group operating across multiple sites we manufacture for healthcare environments within the NHS and mental health sectors. Combine these elements with the vast amount of manufacturing and R&D skill and experience then you have a unique challenger brand for the Care Home Furniture market.

“Translating that needed a good brand strategy and a good team – we found both.  Without compromise great processes and procedures, creativity and communication aided a quick turnaround.

“We’ve been on a journey and arrived at a positive place. We are now able to successfully communicate we are Teal Living, designing and producing furniture for people to live in, we couldn’t have done it without O’Connell & Squelch Ltd.


Brand journey of Teal Living

Brand journey of Teal Living